Since you are here you must be working through our study on responding Biblically to poverty, corruption and injustice.  We commend you for being among those who are seeking what it means to follow Jesus in this area.

Under the resources tab you will find a variety of additional resources including other Bible studies, a Scripture memory pack, and video stories that help us to meditate on key ideas. (In some cases you  will need to log in again to view the video for security reasons.) You can also download a free editable PDF file of our study from the resources area. 

Under the forum tab you will find opportunities to dialog with others who are engaged in the study.  Or you can ask to dialog with a resource person already responding to poverty, corruption or injustice through their personal ministry, someone who is probably already facing issues that are on your mind.

We especially hope that you join a conversation that interests you in the forum area. 


Discipleship that Changes Everything

Discipleship that Changes Everything

Okorie Kalu recounts how God pulled him out of poverty and then used him to bless others. With a compassionate heart for empowering the poor [More]
Duration: 00:08:41

Rural Malawi Embraces the Gospel

Rural Malawi Embraces the Gospel

This video tells the story of how God is using a Navigator couple to live and work in the rural villages of Malawi.
Duration: 00:09:02

Kit Danley:  Wholeness & Health

Kit Danley: Wholeness & Health

A story about how God longs to bring wholeness and healthy to all of us who are poor, vulnerable and oppressed.
Duration: 00:11:19

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